JoanneMcGurk02New Patient Appointment

When you meet Joanne for the first time, she will start with a discussion about you, your health and your reasons for asking for chiropractic care.

You will be asked for a great deal of information, not just about the pain or complaint that may have brought you to the clinic, but also about your past health history. These questions are often in depth and are extremely important to ensure the care provided is appropriate for your condition and to establish your overall health picture.

Once your case history is complete, Joanne will examine you to confirm any early ideas about your problem. The examination will concentrate on your neuromusculoskeletal system (nerves, muscles and joints), but it may also be necessary to check other things such as your heart, lungs and abdomen to rule out other causes.

Price – £50  (45min Appointment)

JoanneMcGurk03Ongoing Treatment / Maintenance Appointment

Once your assessment has been completed, Joanne will discuss with you the options for ongoing treatment. We generally like to see patients once a week until you are out of pain. At this point, Joanne can advise you on the best ongoing treatment for you.

Many patients find that they benefit greatly from regular maintenance appointments. Joanne will assist you in determining what frequency of maintenance appointments is appropriate for you and will provide posture and lifestyle advice as needed. Maintenance appointments are also particularly popular with athletes who want to stay at the peak of their performance.

Price – £35  (1/2hr appointment)


JoanneMcGurk04Monthly Maintenance Care Plan

In collaboration with Intulo Health, we offer monthly maintenance session which includes a half hour chiropractic appointment followed by a half hour massage targeting key areas.

Price – £70  (1hr appointment)





Gowns are made available for all appointments.

Your details are confidential and no one else will be allowed to see your notes without your permission.

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