Migraine headaches are common reasons refers to recurring head pain due to changes in the brain and vasculature. There are two types of migraine. Migraine with aura accounts for 20% of migraine headaches. Aura or prodrome are symptoms of the nervous system, usually visual or olfactory. They precede classic migraine. Classic migraine sufferers can usually tell that their migraine is about to come on due to changes in their vision or sense of smell. Migraine without aura, common migraine, accounts for 80% of migraines.

There is usually a triggering factor in magician. For example stress, following a stressful event tension type headaches may progress into migraines. Other triggers include hormone changes, changes in blood sugar from skipping meals or heavy sugar intakes. Certain foods including red wine, cheese and chocolate can trigger migraines. Other drinks including alcohol, coffee and tea may also trigger.

Both chiropractic care and acupuncture have shown to be very effective in the management of migraine. Chiropractic manipulation of the cervical and thoracic joint dysfunctions and association soft tissue techniques including relaxation massage and trigger point therapy.

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